Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mirror Mirror

Hey Miss Lady,

Why are you so sad

Excuse me for prying

Didn't mean to make you mad

But first may I compliment you on the shoes

Girl they are bad

I'm just curious to know

What angers your soul

Why do you look so mean

When it seems you have everything

Your kind of class and your radiant smile

Your intellegent mind and phenomonal style

Oh I wouldn't understand... well just give it a try

Maybe i experienced my journey just to become your alibi

Did you pick and choose, blind to the rules and never looking back

Stopped all your fun, no longer a nun, even dropped your childish acts

He became your priority you became the minority and things just didn't make sense

Momma said No they ll be plenty mo but you were just convinced

No time for self got someone else's life to make a joy

Rushing and running, pushing and shoving got to get to lover boy

Things start to turn and you re not happy but he have no concern

Don't quite understand this couldn't be the man that makes your feelings burn

Well nobodies perfect

I just need to work with him

After all he knows no better

You know his mother wasn't there

And his father didn't care

So I just want him to know that I'm here

You call his phone

The rings seems long as curiosity ruptures in your belly

Oh he must be busy

Your thoughts get dizzy as you begin to pray

Lord please forgive me

I love him dearly

But need you to show me the way

I try to be there, I rub his hair and ask about his day

Maybe its me I can lose some weight and watch the things I say

Then maybe he'll love me and do something lovely like send some flowers my way

He has the potential if only he can do the things I know he's capable of

As life goes on I lived and learned that its impossible to force love

Miss Lady the man that's in your mind, is not the one that's in your face

It's not you who needs to change but it's him that needs to be replaced....

Ms. Analytical ~~~