Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Standing Strong

It’s always been four ever since I came

4 C’s 4 S’s in all our names

I thank God for my sisters we are four of a kind

Laugh together, cry together and together we shine

Were like a strong tree full of branches but we all make up the root

And when one fall we all do won’t allow no substitutes

What an amazing God with humorous thoughts to put us all together

And who would have known we all are different but fully understands each other

As we grow older life becomes scary cause I know one day we have to part

And the thought of losing you even when I’m happy seems to break my heart

We’ve come so far, put up with a lot of challenges in our lives

But together we Made It what ever was needed we Gave It if there was a chance we’d Save It

Proud to say yall are my best friends, I’ll cherish forever more

Through our struggles, through our happiness with God we are Conquerors

Life is summing up and it’s time we fill our cups

with the things that God Love

After death is life and Jesus paid the price for us to meet again

God said if two or more are gathered in my name I am in the mist

And were breaking apart cause were not on one accord cause it’s always that and this

I pray for us and all of our family to receive God’s helping hand

alcohol became my enemy and is tearing us all by strands

none of us is perfect but God said were worth it

That is his son sacrificed

So as long as we believe and give God a chance I know he’ll better our life

I know we all are stressing and things aren’t the best

but remember it’s just a test

And never forget to love each other and God first

Remember my promise I’m here for better or worst

Let’s do what we can and allow God to do the rest

Causing being in the fabulous four is better than being the best (tears)

(I Love You Girls)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I can remember (and I dont remember much) back at the end of 2010, I said "dang a whole year is about to be over." It seemed to go by so fast and I didnt feel like I accomplished much in my life. This is not for symphathy "i'm trying to tell you a story" (In my Bernie Mac voice). The usual question was flowing in the air " What is your New Year's Resolution?". People would say the ""usual" losing weight, deleting friends, not smoking, not drinking and so on. I know this because I am one of the "usuals". Year after year I would protest that for the New Year I would stop smoking and drinking and would lose weight: and year after year I gained weight spent more on cigarettes and my liquor tolerance definitely increased. Sad but true. Dont laugh "Im trying to tell you a story". The thing that I desired took more than a statement which was all I was making at the time. At the time, I enjoyed drinking, smoking and eating when ever and how ever much I wanted.  It didnt seem to hurt anyone but me and sooner or later the hangover would leave and I was back on the scene.  I spent years of my life thinking that for me this was happiness.  Yes I knew about God and actually seeked for him but he was too complicated and boring for me.  You couldnt do anything and had to turn the other cheek when people slap you and stuff.  It just didnt seem realistic to me, my lack of understanding kept me in bondage for years.  You see at the time I was seeking and expecting the wrong things. I wanted to see this big cloud come down and say "CHARITA I AM GOD AND I WANT YOU TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE "... THEN I WOULD SAY OKAY I CHOOSE GOD. Because it didnt happen  that way at the time I just did me for a while still felt the hunger for God but just didnt apply my self to be fed. Year after year I repeated my actions this was fun to me getting dunk laughing and acting silly , talking about people and hanging out. It use to be tons of us and nothing but fun everynight.  As time passed by it seemed as if that happiness was snatched away from me. I lost my passion, I started doing things drunk that I would have never done sober (some of yall know what I mean)  You wake up like Oh My God I Cant Believe It! Dont laugh "im trying to tell a story".   I felt like I was losing myself not caring about things like I should. Everytime I came in my grandma use to be like "thats a Damn shame Charita you need to get yourself together." I was drunk, I use to  mumble something back and she would say girl take yo drunk a** to sleep."  So true... more to tell but such little time . To make a long story short in the year of 2010 when the "usual" came around Whats your New Year's Resolution? I stated that I was going to put more effort into God and see where it gets me. I went to church more I prayed more and I learned more. Glory be to God  I'm stronger and I'm wiser.  I do not drink or smoke!!! I got my purpose! I inspire and work with children to know God and I have a relationship with him. You see my life have changed starting with my thoughts,I dont cherish the liquor and the cigarettes but I do cherish the smiles and the memories that I have daily, That's where my happiness lies. I wake up with no regrets and I stand to Say the devil is a liar you dont need things to make you happy (this could be anything it dont just apply to smokers or drinkers I just based it on my life) especially cause the devil is gonna strip you from it anyway it's all a lie. All you need is God give him a try for the New Year!!! Oh and were still working on the weight thing, since I quit I  desire sweets.. Dont laugh it aint funny "IM TRYING TO TELL A STORY " TRY GOD THERE ARE GOOD DAYS AND BAD DAYS BUT HE'S THE ONLY ONE THAT MADE A PROMISE .

A Song Called My God Is Coming

If you love the Lord
You Got to Work
If you love the Lord
You got to Pray
If you love the Lord you got to seek him
Not Tomorrow but Today

Hey Hey Hey

Listen my people listen
The Lord is on his way
Listen my people listen
He's coming for those whose saved

He is coming
He is coming
He is coming
My God is coming

Better be ready
Better be ready
Better be ready
My God is coming

Come and rescue me
Come and rescue me
Come and rescue me
My God is coming

If you love the Lord
You Got to Work
If you love the Lord
You got to Pray
If you love the Lord you got to seek him
Not Tomorrow but Today

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sad situation, but I'm still embracing Love
At times like this I'm grateful for the one above

To clean my spirit and make me whole
Renew my mind and save my soul

See it matters cause with out him there is no me
I went from a to b but cant make it to C

You see I'm blinded by a variety, of things in society, that i thought was good for my identity, but the truth is it diagnosed me with anxiety

Overwhelming feelings of what's next, having the thought to make it but not the faith to take it

Taking that journey of real life, not a child anymore, there is things i have to sacrifice, knowing that the decisions I make comes with a price

A price tag that determines my future and predicts the rest
But right now my life is in the hands of life and I'm failing my test

Thought I was bold but the world is so cold that it made me fearful
of the fact
Yet God still sent me a message saying that 10% of your life is what happens and 90% is how you react......


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Truth

It hurts to know shes pretty,
makes me feel like I had no chance in the beginning
He been over me since we started
How did I miss this
How did my love grow so strong for an empty vessel
Someone whose visions had no images of me
How did I get so tangled in a delusion
So webbed that even now that I know the truth the lie seemed better
The truth doesn't hurt ( PAH YEAH RIGHT)
It can, truth will sting you like a bee
Pierce your heart so sharp your bones will curl
It breaks you and is sometimes unbearable to face
Oh my Lord tell me its not so
Just give me something to hold on to
He did love me, he needed to be there for his children,
in too good for him, he's intimidated by me
well meet again later
Something anything but the truth
Stop letting this clear view of my life taunt me
Stop letting it shoot me with these words,
realities and understandings
It burns, It burns my eyes to picture his happiness with another
My empty belly ruptures when envisioning him
using his feelings , his power of protection
and his persuasion of intimacy embracing another
Please Lord tell the truth to go away
its bringing me UN bearable pains
that goes beyond my physical being
It gives me sympathy for my life
Insecurities of my self
It's exposing the depth of my love
and it hurts it hurts......