Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Truth

It hurts to know shes pretty,
makes me feel like I had no chance in the beginning
He been over me since we started
How did I miss this
How did my love grow so strong for an empty vessel
Someone whose visions had no images of me
How did I get so tangled in a delusion
So webbed that even now that I know the truth the lie seemed better
The truth doesn't hurt ( PAH YEAH RIGHT)
It can, truth will sting you like a bee
Pierce your heart so sharp your bones will curl
It breaks you and is sometimes unbearable to face
Oh my Lord tell me its not so
Just give me something to hold on to
He did love me, he needed to be there for his children,
in too good for him, he's intimidated by me
well meet again later
Something anything but the truth
Stop letting this clear view of my life taunt me
Stop letting it shoot me with these words,
realities and understandings
It burns, It burns my eyes to picture his happiness with another
My empty belly ruptures when envisioning him
using his feelings , his power of protection
and his persuasion of intimacy embracing another
Please Lord tell the truth to go away
its bringing me UN bearable pains
that goes beyond my physical being
It gives me sympathy for my life
Insecurities of my self
It's exposing the depth of my love
and it hurts it hurts......