Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sad situation, but I'm still embracing Love
At times like this I'm grateful for the one above

To clean my spirit and make me whole
Renew my mind and save my soul

See it matters cause with out him there is no me
I went from a to b but cant make it to C

You see I'm blinded by a variety, of things in society, that i thought was good for my identity, but the truth is it diagnosed me with anxiety

Overwhelming feelings of what's next, having the thought to make it but not the faith to take it

Taking that journey of real life, not a child anymore, there is things i have to sacrifice, knowing that the decisions I make comes with a price

A price tag that determines my future and predicts the rest
But right now my life is in the hands of life and I'm failing my test

Thought I was bold but the world is so cold that it made me fearful
of the fact
Yet God still sent me a message saying that 10% of your life is what happens and 90% is how you react......


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  1. That was beautiful my sister. I know He is proud of you for writing it too.