Sunday, April 29, 2012

Eyes Opened Again

Why do you pretend to care when you really don't
How can you say you'll be there when you really wont

Why is your tongue so loose and deceitful with lies
Why do you act as if what I'm saying come as a surprise

Who are you and why are you so comfortable with misusing me
What am I expressing to secretly become your enemy

He sent you back and God showed me your purpose before you arrived
But some how I manipulated myself into thinking otherwise

I turned from God knowing in my heart this was the wrong decision
but you tricked me and came with me diluting my real visions

You seemed like what was missing when you first came along
But eventually it was clear to me why I left you alone

You see it was hard for me to recognize my happiness in Christ alone
Seemed like it was to good to be true that my relationship with God was so strong

But I'm back on my toes and only God know that I'm ready for this journey again
you see you thought you made me wasteful but God is so faithful that I I'm reminded whose my true friend

Glad you'll say your battle you did win I can see your snagged grin :)
Sad to say the war is the end and its written you lose my friend

So if you smiling thinking you did it stop because you didn't
Your master keeps you from your blessings my master taught me a lesson

I don't hate you just hate your master
It's him I want to choke
But that's the penalty I paid to suffer
Cause God said not to be unequally yoked

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