Thursday, May 6, 2010


It felt uneasy and sensitive, like I ate something too cold and it hit my teeth. Every time I tried to walk it felt as if a loose piece of glass was in my foot and I couldnt get it. Trying to touch it was like I had a paper cut and every time I touched the paper I got another cut. OOohhh like every time I went to walk I would hit my toe on the bed frame. I could remember gently holding it and revealing it to a man I once loved. I can see myself explaining the feeling to him and exposing myself to him. I remember allowing him to touch it and as he took his two fingers and gazed across, it stung me. "Ouch" I screamed, looking at his hand wondering what have he touched me with. I still remember squiching my eyes and pulling back, ready to swing but leaving him blameless. "Just be more gentle this time", I opened my hands and exposed it to him repeatedly, he took the same two fingers and touched it again while staring me in the eyes as if he discovered something about me. I yelled "You're hurting me, carressing it and trying to pull back, but his same two fingers are there and he presses again, this time without my permission, he's tugging at it. My knees are buckling, eyes are watering, my voice is cracking, fingers shaking as I'm trying to grab hold to it. I called his name, tried to look him in the eyes to explain to him that the way he was tugging at it was hurting me......... But he didnt stop. There was a hole around my heart.....

Then I woke up and remembered..... I asked God to show me what's to come of this relationship between me and this guy and that's just what he did. Be careful who you expose your heart to.


  1. I like that Charita thats like a SONG!!!!

  2. haha my mind was thinkin some other stuff @ first LOL but I enjoyed it!!!!

  3. Thanks Toya I didnt even know you commented here!!!!!